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Jul. 14th, 2010 @ 10:42 pm
This is a post to keep our journal from going "poof" - just in case!

Jul. 2nd, 2009 @ 01:48 pm
Would anyone here have a problem with me Asking in Milli_wanted for an Active Ron and Harry or anyother Potter Pups?

Hermione Granger? Oct. 4th, 2008 @ 09:50 pm
Dear Pottermuns,

I figure this best applies to the muns here, as it concerns Hermione Granger.

Um. I know there used to be a Hermione once upon a time, but as she's been deleted (and for a while too, I've noticed), I was wondering a couple of things:
1) was she truly deleted or was she retired, perhaps?
2) how you all felt about me bringing in another Hermione?

I'm not sure what the past-Hermione's canon was like, or how much she did/how active she was, but I just wanted to check with everyone about past-Hermione's status and how people would feel before I consider apping her to the bar.

Thanks in advance!

Oct. 1st, 2007 @ 10:38 pm
Hello, everyone!

I am the mun of JP (a spoiler character) and well, I was just wondering whether or not the collective Potter-pups (and others, perhaps) had any specific date for the DH spoiler-ban to be lifted. Or even a rough idea of when.

Ummm ... that's all, really. :D

Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 08:05 pm
Hello all, This is mostly for Neville and Luna-Muns But looking for any ideas.

[ooc] Probable spoilers in comments and thoughts
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» (No Subject)
Taking the initiative all night long, which is, I suppose, what happens when I let a Gryffindor in my head...

Hello there, Potter people! I'm Jez, or jezrana and this is Neville, who *mumble* may end up getting apped inna bar after all*mumble*.

Looking at the comments on this thread, we have a couple of people, currently Potter muns or otherwise, interested in OOMing some of the events we don't see happening directly in Deathly Hallows. I don't think there's any hurry on playing this stuff out, since we're still in OMG NO SPOILERS time, but if no one minds, I thought setting up a newer post for discussion of how we want to do this wouldn't be amiss.

So: spoilers!Collapse )
» Book 7 OOM list
Hi there Potter muns and... others.

The purpose of this post is the signing up of anyone who wants to do book 7 OOMs.

If you currently have a Potter puppet in Milliways and want to RP scenes set during book 7 with them, post your character and contact info here.

If you don't have a Potter puppet and either intend to app one in August/September or just want to play with a headvoice or tinker with a scene from book 7, ALSO post here your contact info and the scenes/characters you want to tinker with. Even if you do not intend to officially app a Potter pup, it'd be fun to have Millimuns get together and play with OOM scenes. If nothing else, anything we do can be compiled as a Millimun writing project and not necessarily Millicanon. As such, I'm going to suggest, without intending to step on anybody's toes, that ANYBODY who wants to do a scene with ANY character in the book, even one already played by another mun in Milliways, can post here to suggest the scene be done but not count as Millicanon. So for example, if somebody other than me wants to RP a scene as Harry, by all means suggest it here. I have a thought to compile two seperate lists -- one for Millicanon OOMs, the other for Potter scenes threaded by Millimuns. Because we like to play with each other! :)

Harry Potter is up for threading any scene from the book or scenes that weren't in the book but should have been.
His mun is "Ven badger" on AIM, eigrefeht[at]gmail.com, and gethenian on livejournal. Leaving comments to LJ is probably the most reliable way to contact.

Obviously, comments to this post will contain spoilers. Be aware of that before you read!!
» SOOOO... Time for a role call and spoiler-posting discussion.
Is there any sort of vague plan concerning which Potter pups will be returning for Final Canon and when they're leaving? Mass exodus, that sort of thing? Anyone? Anything? Bueller?

Also, can we perhaps set any sort of date for when having pups return from said canon is acceptible? Would it be all right simply to return all pups post-canon behind LJ cuts with OMG HUGE SPOILER WARNINGS all over them?

Harry's going, come what may, and will be returning dead or alive.

As for the posting of spoilery pups, I'm going to do a ballpark sorta estimate and say... All post-canon pups get entries behind spoiler-warning LJ cuts until September 1? It's a bit more than a month for what seems to be a REALLY freaking long book and not everybody can devour the thing in two nights like many of us plan to do.

Open to suggestions here, but once we come to any consensus, I'd like to post a list to the Back Room just for public information's sake.

Therefor, what the hey, it's been a while, so:

All Potter muns please post here with the name of your pup, whether they are Doververse or the other one, and what point in canon they are from. Even if they are retired/dead. Weasley twins, Lucius Malfoy, anyone else who's died, and anyone who's been in the bar but isn't any longer (Narcissa?), I'd like a role call for you guys, too. I know several Potter pups have deviated rather violently from canon. This is me wanting to get organized. :) Also, I totally wasn't around for the Doververse plot last year, so if someone could give a sort of vague summary of anything important that happened there, it would be appreciated. I have NO idea how to find and read it myself, or I would.

Non-Potter muns, feel free to post here with thoughts about how post-canon bar entries should be handled. Again, my initial suggestion is that all post-canon pup entries be behind LJ cuts until September (I don't think it makes sense to just keep our puppets out that long), and I'll add that post-canon pups who tag other entries should have those entries marked with an OOC note.

Potter muns who WILL be moving ahead through book 7, if any of you might have any interest in threading scenes from book 7, I'd be up for that. Assuming, of course, there are any scenes (or missing scenes) that strike anybody as worth threading. (And please leave contact info if it's not on your pup's lookup.)

POTTER MUNS ROLE CALL, Here, I made a handy little list. ^_^

Character Name: (include whether character is dead or retired/more or less permanently OOM only)
From what point in canon:
Deviated from canon: (Y/N)
Plan to follow through book 7: (Y/N)
Doververse or not:
Mun LJ name, AIM, and/or E-Mail:

Potter puppets role callCollapse )
» (No Subject)
Hey, Potter-ites!

Just for information's sake, here's a thread between Tonks and Doc Roe, discussing the nature of Cajun magic and that of the Wizarding World. It's got some interesting juxtapositions. Also, Eugene is a joy. And he needs a hug, like, always.
» FYI/Question!
Heyyyyyyyyy, Potter-ites.

Just a heads-up that, as part of an upcoming bit of plot, I'd like to Millicanon that there's a Wizarding college at Oxford. Anyone have objections to this?

Now, for the question: WHAT SHOULD WE CALL THIS COLLEGE?

This calls for imagination. :D!
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