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This is an OOC community for all things Harry Potter in milliways_bar. The purpose of the comm is two-fold: first, to serve as a place for the muns of HP characters to summarize and link to plots that deal with the HP-verse (so our continuity is not pastede on yay), and second, to offer a place where advance plotting can be done.

The comm will be modded (though it will be relatively informal) by vivien529 (aka young_tmriddle) and whisper2ascream (aka dragonofgrey. Mostly, we'll just be approving memberships. If your canon is HP, then we'll automatically grant your request when you apply; if your canon is something else, but your character has close in-game ties to HP characters, we'd like you to give us a brief (100 words or less) description of those ties so that we know your reasons for joining are valid. Non-HP muns may post these applications in the comm's first post, which can be found here.

We will also be available should you wish to preliminarily hash out a particular plot; we'll be keeping an eye on what's posted here to make sure that all the pieces fit together, and that we don't end up with conflicting or mutually exclusive plot arcs in-game.

Other Milliways people are welcome to monitor the community, but bear in mind that some of the plottiness will be spoiled if you read it here first. :D

And, in case you need to hear it again, we don't own the Harry Potter books. JK Rowling, Scholastic, and Bloomsbury do. We're just having our fun.